Money Catcher Preview Released!

This is my first published game that I have created using C#. I have been teaching myself how to code in Unity using C# and I have created many other mini games, but this is a game that I am spending a lot of time developing. The concept of this game was created around 2, almost 3 years ago when I made a similar game with the same game title in Scratch.

However, there isn't really a lot to do in the preview build of the game, but more things will come such as:

  • Better background models
  • Improved pickup models
  • Music
  • UI sounds
  • Gameplay sounds
  • Character cosmetics, abilities and upgrades
  • And more...

I'd appreciate any feedback and also make sure to send me some features I should add into the game; that's if I am able to code it since I'm new to C#.

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